Anna Rosholt is a contemporary jewellery designer and manufacturer working in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA Fine Arts: Creative Jewellery and Metal Design, before going to London to study Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America. 

Anna’s love of beautiful design and her quirky taste inspire her work, and her attention to quality and detail are the outstanding features of her jewellery. Her signature Beetle Range which was launched at Design Indaba 2015 is all about Africa, and all about luxury. Featuring hundreds of hand-made beetles, put together to create very bold, very bling and very beautiful jewellery!

“My Beetle range was mostly inspired by my Grandmother, who wore gorgeous Scarab jewellery that she had collected in her travels to Egypt. I have always shared her fascination with them, and decided to design my range around them. My Beetles however, are more inspired by our own South African Dung Beetle that is actually in the same family/species as the Egyptian Scarabs! Although these prehistoric Beetles are so small, they are incredibly strong and tenacious, and even though they are creepy crawly insects that push dung for a living, they are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. I wanted my range to be as bold and beautiful as these tiny beetles are, and use them as symbols of South African luxury.” – Anna