Having studied Diamond Grading at the GIA in London, Anna specializes in designing and manufacturing Engagement and Wedding Rings for both men and women. All commissions are most welcome, and if you are looking to have something special made for any occasions please feel free to contact Anna directly on anna@annarosholt.co.za.


Everyone's dream ring will be different, and not every ring calls for an enormous budget. We want you to be comfortable with your budget, as well as thrilled with the outcome.

It is important to think about your partner's personal style as well as lifestyle for the ring, as they will be the one wearing it every day!

The cost of a ring will depend largely on the type of gemstone used - Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are the most expensive, and if chosen will make up the majority of the cost of your ring. Other gemstones are more reasonably priced.

Choosing a budget is daunting! We are here to help, and will be happy to provide any guidance.


In order for our creative genius to really thrive, we will need some inspiration!

Please gather any subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints your partner may have dropped, as well as pics pinned on Pinterest. 

These bits of info will help us to understand who your partner is, what she loves, and what kind of ring will be perfect for her.



Each commission is entirely unique, and as such takes a little time to come together. We would like the experience to be as easy and stress-free as possible for you, so it is always best not to be rushed. Once the design has been finalized, our final quote has been sent and approved, and all stones have been sourced, we will need approximately 2 to 4 weeks for manufacturing. The time frame may vary according to our current workload, and will be confirmed with you when the quote is sent.

Please let us know if you are pressed for time, and we will do our best to move mountains for you.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required to secure all commissions.



Proposals are generally surprises, which makes sizing a little tricky for us. We recommend that, if possible, you bring along a ring belonging to your loved one, and we will do our best to judge their size from there. Most rings are able to be resized after proposing, but some designs will restrict this, and we will advise accordingly.


We love being able to use family jewels to remake new, exciting pieces. We are very happy to reset your gemstones, but cannot reuse your existing gold. However, we can determine what metal it is, weigh it, value it and credit this amount to your quote. The gold will be valued according to the daily gold price. The gold will be sent to a refinery, where it will be refined back to it's purest form. 15% will be deducted in order to accommodate refining fees and shrinkage.

We understand the sentimentality attached to your gold, but we cannot be sure of the alloys used. Mixing of different alloys often causes complications like discoloration, which we wish to avoid.



We take pride in creating jewellery that lasts a lifetime, but it is important to treat your pieces with care.

Here are a few tips


1. Take care when doing anything physical like swimming, hiking, cycling etc. Your settings can be knocked, which will cause them to weaken. This also goes for washing dishes!

2. We recommend getting your settings checked every year if possible.

3. You can clean your jewellery in warm soapy water using a soft toothbrush, this will keep your pieces looking sparkly and fresh!

4. Certain gemstones will require certain care, and we will inform you of anything you need to be aware of.

5. Wearing your jewellery will also keep it looking beautiful, and help prevent tarnishing.