signet rings

We pride ourselves in our custom made Signet Rings. Available in all shapes and sizes and in the following metals: 9ct and 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold; Sterling Silver; Platinum. 

Gents signet rings from R2000, Ladies signet rings from R1500. General engraving from R800, Hand Engraved family crest from R3500.

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Hand Engraved examples:

This type of engraving is ideal for achieving a more traditional look. With hand engraving the end result is a deeper engraving than that of Laser engraved images.

Laser Engraved examples:

Ideal for more detail, this type of engraving gives better results with busy or complicated images. The engraving is shallow.

Deep relief examples:

If you want a very 3D result, this is the way to go. Able to retain a fair amount of detail, this method works best with simplified images.

Other examples of Signet Rings we've made: