The Divine Feminine Collection

Welcome to the Divine Feminine Collection - A celebration of feminine energy, and of YOU, because my dear, you are simply divine! ✨


We have been on a collaborative journey, designing and creating together with six incredible women to produce an intimate and extraordinary collection of luxury jewellery, focusing on rings and pendants currently, to be worn as amulets and sparkling guiding lights.


Our local, gorgeous goddesses were hand picked because they represent feminine qualities that truly empower us, and inspire us. Femininity cannot be defined by a singular characteristic or role, and we want to celebrate every beloved bit of it!


So, without further ado, we present our DIVINE FEMININE COLLECTION. An amalgamation of Creativity, Empathy, Intuition, Community, Sensuality and Nurture. 

All pieces available in solid sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold, set with genuine coloured gemstones and diamonds.