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Your jewels should be absolutely, entirely and distinctly you.

Our charms are meant to be layered and loved in one-of-a-kind combinations that suit your style. Build your AR charm collection, find your signature stack, and gift charms to the people who make your life sparkle. 

Our charms are sold individually so you have the freedom to mix and match. 

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Our range of luxury handmade earrings brings you everything from classic 9ct Gold and Silver hoops, bold and chunky mama beetle earrings, to our intricately designed studs. 

Whether you feel like making a statement or keeping it simple, our earrings are here to match your every mood.

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A fine jewellery collection that celebrates the untamed elegance of South Africa and the magical people, stories, and creatures that form its beating heart. 

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The Divine Feminine Collection

Welcome to the Divine Feminine Collection - A celebration of feminine energy, and of YOU, because my dear, you are simply divine! ✨

We have been on a collaborative journey, designing and creating together with six incredible women to produce an intimate and extraordinary collection of luxury jewellery, focusing on rings and pendants currently, to be worn as amulets and sparkling guiding lights.

Our local, gorgeous goddesses were hand picked because they represent feminine qualities that truly empower us, and inspire us. Femininity cannot be defined by a singular characteristic or role, and we want to celebrate every beloved bit of it!

So, without further ado, we present our DIVINE FEMININE COLLECTION. An amalgamation of Creativity, Empathy, Intuition, Community, Sensuality and Nurture. 

All pieces available in solid sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold, set with genuine coloured gemstones and diamonds. 

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Our exclusive My Darling Jewellery Collection was inspired by the desire to create modern heirlooms to be given to those you hold nearest and dearest, even if that person is you.

This special collection brings you opulent gem-studded rings, fine pendants, and hoops available in 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver.

Pieces are set with semi-precious stones that include Garnet, Tsavorite, London Blue Topaz, Rhodolite, Citrine and Pink Tourmaline. Go on, spoil yourself, or someone you love.

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Our Tropical Safari Jewellery Collection brings you a selection of Sterling Silver or Solid 9ct Gold tubed hoops in varying sizes alongside a mix of bold, dangling charms made to take you on a truly exotic journey.

Each jewel featured in this collection was designed to evoke the abundance of a moonlit night in a tropical jungle under African skies - alive with colour and textures-a-plenty!

Mix and match these charms on our hoops or paperclip chain to create your own unique earrings and pendants. Keep adding to your personal collection of treasures as we release more charms.



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Anna's central brand motif and debut range brings you the Beetle Jewellery Collection created to celebrate The South African Dung Beetle as symbols of African luxury.

This bespoke selection of scarab jewellery includes pieces such as our tiny beetle necklace, mama beetle earrings, and beetle eternity ring available in 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver. 

The Ancient Egyptians were captivated by beetles wearing these mighty little creatures as amulets for protection and worshipping a Scarab-headed sun god, Khepri.

Embodying an element of African mythology, this range symbolises transformation, rejuvenation, and protection.

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Our Bee Jewellery Collection is an ode to the Cape Honey Bee, a whimsical little insect that flies lightly and adds sweetness and charm to our world; Also known as Inyosi (isiXhosa) or nyoxi (Xitsonga).

This collection includes the small-but-mighty worker bee as a dainty, intricate little charm, pendant, or as studs while the larger, regal queen bee comes as a charm, ring, pendant, or studs full of rich detail.

All pieces come in Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold.

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This collection contains pieces named after and inspired by orphaned baby rhinos Balu, Khulula, and Matimba who lost their parents to poaching. 10% of all Rhino Collection sales are donated to the Black Mambas All-Female Anti-Poaching Unit so they can continue their fight against the poaching of rhinos. 

Visit Black Mambas to read more of their story. 

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Ingwe, the native Zulu/Xhosa South African name for a leopard, was the inspiration for our Leopard Jewellery Collection, born out of our love for the ultimate feline spirit animal and all things leopard print.

In this collection you will find stunningly unique pieces available in Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold, such as our delicate marquise garnet ring, ingwe tie clip - a sophisticated gift for him - and our bold green onyx drop earrings.

For centuries, leopard skins have been worn by African Kings and warriors as a symbol of courage, power and social standing. But forget the Kings, this collection is all about the Queens – it is a dainty reminder to all women that they are ferocious, mysterious, magical, and most importantly - more powerful than they know.

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Everyday Jewellery

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9ct Gold & Sterling Silver Signet Rings

Signet rings for men and women. Engrave yours with an intricate crest or meaningful monogram, or style it in its simple glory.

Since as early as 3500 BC, signet rings have been used to verify identity. These days, signet rings are less about identification and more about signature style. Choose from our selection of classic signet rings and customise them to create traditional signets with old-school elegance. Or, take signet customisation to the wild side and create an untamed heirloom that celebrates your story in a less traditional way.

Luxurious and solid, our signets are made to be worn, loved, and passed down through generations!

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Our selection of expertly handcrafted rings include pieces from our African-inspired collections to our newest gem-studded range.

Choose from bold and statement-making, such as our matimba rhino ring, or our more delicate creations, such as the marquise garnet ring.

Pieces available in sterling silver, brass and 9ct gold.

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Explore our selection of chains from our more delicate pieces with fine details for an elevated everyday look, our chunky chains with old school glamour to make a statement, to our modern and adjustable paperclip chains designed to suit every version of you.

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Explore our dazzling range of distinctive necklaces, trendy paperclip chains, and hand-finished pendants.

Expertly handcrafted pieces for every style and occasion.

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