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Custom Signet Rings

Design your dream signet.

Since as early as 3500 BC, signet rings have been used to verify identity. We create custom signet rings for men and women to mark milestones, carry quests, or simply celebrate your signature style.

Luxurious and solid, Anna Rosholt Signet Rings are expertly crafted to be worn, loved, and passed down through generations.

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Choose Your Shape

Signet rings come in various shapes and sizes which make a huge difference to the femininity or masculinity of the ring.

Classic oval, round or cushion shapes are often favoured, but you can explore less conventional options, as seen with our Ladies Heart Signet.

It's important to find a shape and size that fits comfortably on your finger, compliments your everyday ring stack and also suits your signature style.

Download The Shapes


Choose Your Material

We work both in 9 carat and 18 carat; white, yellow and rose gold. This is a high quality metal that is both durable and beautiful. It is made to last and will not tarnish.

Platinum has a darker, grey colour than white gold and is much more dense. It is important to note that even though platinum is very hard, it is still possible for it to scratch over time.

Our silver signet rings are made using 925 silver which is both durable and beautiful. Silver has a timelessness that makes it both understated and extremely elegant.


Add an engraving

Personalise your signet ring with your initials, family crest, or a meaningful symbol engraved on the surface of the ring. You can even have your personal motto or an inspiring song lyric engraved.

We offer both laser and hand engraving. Hand engraving is more traditional and allows for intricate and elaborate designs while laster engraving is more precise and often more affordable.

Learn more about engraving options here.


Add a stone

A special gem or symbolic stone is a non-traditional addition to a signet ring which makes it all the more eye-catching.

Consider incorporating a gem that holds sentimental value on the top surface or sides of your signet ring.

Gemstone signets are popular gifts for new moms wanting to celebrate the milestone with their newborn’s birthstone.

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Custom Signet Gallery

Browse the previously crafted signets we can't stop thinking about.

Upcycling Gold

Unfortunately, our workshop cannot upcycle heirloom gold into a new piece of jewellery. This is because we cannot be sure of the alloy's mixture, which can cause problems in the metal down the line.

However, we can offer you a credit for your old gold that will be deducted from your final invoice. The level of credit will be determined by the type of gold as well as the weight. We send the gold to be refined, and calculate a value according to the day's gold price, less 15% refinery fees.

Costing & Quotation

Your budget matters to us. This is why the first thing we do when we receive custom jewellery enquiries is to put together an approximate quote. The more information you can give us in the early stages, the more accurate this quote will be.

It is also helpful if you come prepared with an approximate budget. This will enable us to assess what type of design and materials to use when presenting you with options. We always aim to keep the final price within a ten percent range of your budget.

Pricing & Payment Terms

The cost of a signet ring is determined by the type of metal, its weight, ring size, engraving, and setting. You can get an idea of our costs by visiting our signet ring page and selecting the variants closest to your desired design.

Or, fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quote.

Time Frame

Good things, and great signets, take time. Our signet ring timelines vary according to multiple factors. Our team will keep you informed about the unique timeline for your ring throughout the custom creation process.

We consider every signet to be a tiny work of art and we create them with care in our studio. As such, the process can take up to six weeks for complex signets and as little as ten working days for more traditional designs. This does not take delivery time into account.


Selecting the correct size is crucial for signet rings as resizing can affect the structural integrity of the piece. We offer one free resizing of one size up or one size down for custom orders. Anything beyond this will require an additional quote.

See our ring size guide or book an appointment at our studio to get measured professionally.


While we do our best to ensure that all pieces leaving our studio are made to last, jewellery is also fine and delicate, and if treated roughly, it will break. We cannot be held liable for damage to jewellery once it has left our studio.

We will attend to any problems that arise due to manufacturing faults within 6 months of your purchase. We will not be held responsible for the loss of any stone.

We recommend insuring all luxury pieces, and will, upon request, provide valuation certificates for any pieces we have made. Valuations of jewellery we did not make will be at an additional charge.

Chat with our team to enquire about repairs.

Returns & Exchanges

Please note that custom pieces cannot be exchanged or returned under any circumstances.

Signet Ring Enquiry Form

The more information you give us, the more accurate your initial quotation will be. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about the details yet, our team will be in touch shortly to guide you.

Want to keep it simple?

Shop our range of engravable signet rings


Amazing experience working with Mihlali and the Anna Rosholt team. I had a custom signet ring made with them, they were very hands on and kept me updated through out the process. Absolutely love the end result! Would 100% recommend working with them.

Ashley Twaddle

I cannot express how happy I am with the service received from Anna Rosholt Jewellery! The design process was made extremely easy and enjoyable from the get-go with the help of the amazing Mihlali. She provided me with plenty of updates and photos throughout the process to make sure they nailed exactly what we wanted (which they did!). Every family member now wants a custom Anna Rosholt piece!

Jemma Cook

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