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Types of Metals 

We work both in 9 carat and 18 carat; white, yellow and rose gold. This is a high quality metal that is both durable and beautiful. It is made to last and will not tarnish. The alloy used to make gold jewellery is a mixture of pure gold and other metals (copper, silver, palladium and platinum are a few).

These are added to give strength and colour to each. 18 carat gold is more expensive than 9 carat gold because there is more pure gold in the alloy, and it will also be richer in colour. White gold rings are plated with Rhodium in order to enhance and brighten their white shine will need to be re-plated every year.

Platinum is known for it's toughness, durability, as well as resistance to tarnishing. It has a darker, grey colour in comparison to white gold and is much more dense.
It is important to note that even though platinum is very hard, it is still possible for it to scratch over time.

Although we are able to make up custom pieces in this metal, is not advised for engagement rings and more intricate jewellery because of its softer nature, and tendency to tarnish over the years. 



We pride ourselves on an establishing sourcing network which we have built up over years, making it possible to source a large variety of precious stones in practically any shape, size and colour.

Read up more about Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, and Diamonds in our Browse section.

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