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Anna’s Most-Fabulous-Five Hoop Charms

Choosing your favourite charms must be one of the toughest things a girl can do. For me in particular, I feel a strong attachment to each and every charm we create. I don’t think I could pick five forever faves. The following list covers the ones I’m stacking and styling at the moment.

1. Wonky Pearl

This is probably the most versatile out of all our charms, and perhaps the easiest to style. I love using the Wonky Pearl as a starting point for any charm collection because they look good together with any of our other charms. Their white shade is an incredible backdrop to enhance colourful charms but can also carry a neutral look on its own.

One thing is for sure, we will never tire of pearls – ever classic, ever gorgeous, and ever elegant.

2. Ingwe Face Charm

The leopard is my spirit animal and favourite hoop companion. I adore the untamed elegance of the Ingwe Face Charm. There is something that is equal parts subtle and fierce about them. A small reminder that cool feminine energy can radiate out of you without having to dance for the crowd.

I enjoy wearing these on their own when I’m in the mood for an all-gold look, or together with some fun colours when I want a more layered look.

3. Juicy Gem and All Yours Asymmetrical Combo

A new firm favourite combination of mine! I wear these two charms as an asymmetrical set with one on each hoop. For the Juicy Gem, I love the Octagon shape, which is so sophisticated and perfectly balanced out by the gorgeous puffy All Yours heart.

I have chosen the royal purple Amethyst for both charms as it’s my son’s birthstone, so these are extra precious in their meaning for me. The purple also stands out nicely against my blonde hair – this might sound silly but it is always something to consider when choosing colours.

4. African Violet Charm

Is it obvious that I’m currently a bit obsessed with pops of purple?! I love the African Violet Charm’s combination of subtle purple and gorgeous light yellow opal. I enjoy wearing these for something more relaxed in the daytime. They complement a lot of my go-to summer outfits.

5. Fuschia Agate and Mango Jade

These colours honestly just make my soul sing! They are fun and fresh and fabulous. The Fuschia Agate and Mango Jade Charms add a bit of playfulness to any outfit. They are my perfect summer charms – someone pour me an Aperol!

What’s Your Go-To Charm Stack?

Now you know my five favourites from the AR Charm Army, I want to know yours. If you’re stacking and styling your faves this week, snap a selfie and tag us on Instagram!

If you’re still searching for your favourite, that’s a good excuse to buy more. Shop all charms.

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