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Creating a One-of-a-Kind Charm Stack for your Hoop Earrings

We have over 40 charms and 3 hoop sizes available on our website right now. The possibilities are endless. So creating your perfect stack from scratch can feel a little overwhelming.

Believe it or not, there is a method to this glitzy madness and today, we’re sharing it with you. Here’s how to curate your one-of-a-kind stack with Anna Rosholt jewels.


1. Pick your Hoop size.

You know what they say – the bigger the hoop, the bigger the number of charms you can fit on it. If you have more than one piercing, we like the look of the largest hoop being nearest to your face.

Big hoops are more fun for a maximalist look, while smaller hoops make for a sleeker, more preppy look. However, the energy of the hoop always comes down to how you wear it so pick whichever size makes you feel the most you.

We have three sizes of hoops to choose from:

Anna Rosholt's Hoop Earrings in 3 different sizes.


2. Get Colourful

Once you’ve got your hoops ready, it's time to begin telling your story with pops of colour and excitement. Remember, you can dress your hoops up and down according to what kind of look you’re going for on the day. Nothing is set in stone here – only solid metals ;).

We suggest starting with your favourite colour and then choosing colours that go well with it. Or, if you’re feeling stuck, think about the colours in your favourite outfit and go from there.

Colourful earring charms on Anna Rosholt's Mama Hoops earrings.


3. Who’s the Tallest?

When pairing different charms, think about the heights of each piece. Choosing charms of different lengths means you’ll be able to see all of them when they’re stacked together.

We believe that every charm is a treasure that deserves to be seen and celebrated, just like you! Start with the tallest charm in the back and work your way to the smallest charm in front.

Ingwe face, Fuchsia Agate & Mango Jade Charm, and Green Onyx Drop charms on a set of Mama Hoop earrings.


4. Add a Bit of ✨Spice✨

Your one-of-a-kind stack is almost ready – it's time for the finishing touches. Pop your chosen charms onto your hoops so you can really assess if there’s anything missing.

All our charms have different textures and shapes. Maybe you’ll want to swap a stone charm for a pearl charm or add in a Half Moon Charm to create space between the other charms.

The finishing touch for any Anna Rosholt charm stack is always a special little creature. Our mascot, the beetle, is available in two sizes and comes gold plated or sterling silver. You can also choose a bee, a leopard, or an alphabet charm.

Tiny bee, half moon, and shell coral & pink jade charms on a set of Mama Hoop earrings.


5. Last Little Tip

The best advice we can give you when you’re curating your charm stack is to have fun with it! Our charm collection has been designed to work well together so you don’t have to think too hard about it.

Below are some stacking ideas from one of our in-house charm fairies. If you’d like to work with us to create your perfect lobe, book a studio visit and we’ll get charming with you!

Tiny Beetle, Green Onyx, White Jade & Pistachio earring stack.Tiny Beetle, Green Onyx, White Jade & Pistachio

Fuchsia Agate, Turquoise Jade & Peridot, Pink Jade earring charm stack. Fuchsia Agate, Turquoise Jade & Peridot, Pink Jade 

Pearly Loop and Sweetheart earring charm stack. Pearly Loop, Sweetheart

Tiny Bee Cham, Baby Pearly Loop, Shell Coral & Pink Jade earring charm stack. Tiny Bee Charm, Baby Pearly Loop, Shell Coral & Pink Jade


And that’s how you style charms to heal your heart and steal your soul. Don’t forget to tag us when you sport your stack on socials. We would love to see the creative combinations you come up with!

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