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How to Wear Asymmetrical Jewellery: 4 Tips and Tricks from the AR Team

AR Charms were created for you to show off your individuality and personal style. But, you can take this one huge step further by styling your charms asymmetrically.

From mismatched shapes and sizes to contrasting colours, asymmetrical earring looks can effortlessly embody the essence of your creativity and uniqueness.

However, you can bring balance to your asymmetrical stacks by using complementary elements. Subtle coordination creates a harmonious connection between the two sides, bringing balance to the overall look while still embracing their asymmetrical nature.

4 Ways To Style Your Asymmetrical Jewellery:


1. Match your metals

As much as we love mixing metals with our other AR Pieces, in order to create a sleek well - curated asymmetrical charm stack, it’s important to match materials used on both the charms and Hoops.

Ensure that the jump ring on the charm is the same metal tones, you can do this by selecting the variant that matches your hoops.

2. Play with lengths

Choose different lengthed charms for each earring, this adds a dynamic dimension and creates a thoughtfully mismatched look.

For a dramatic contrast, stack a long statement charm on one side and the other a shorter, more subtle one.

Here are a couple of examples we love:

3. Thematic Motifs

Creating a theme for your stack is useful when styling an Asymmetrical stack. This maintains relevance between the two stacks.

For example, styling charms that are different in length and colour around your feisty Walking Ingwe charms as the centre point.

4. Mix and Match Gemstone Colours

One of the advantages of asymmetrical earrings is that you get to explore different colour combinations.

Play around with contrasting or complementary colours to create an eye-catching look. Be bold and experiment with unexpected colour pairings to make a statement that is uniquely yours.


Those are our 4 tips and tricks for rocking an asymmetrical charm look. If you’re unsure about which charms will complement and balance each other best, you can always DM our team on Instagram or book a browse in our Loop Street studio.

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