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November Birthstone: Topaz

Whether you’re a November baby or simply admire colourful stones, topaz makes a stunning addition to any jewellery collection. Its vibrant colours and diverse variations offer something for everyone.

What colour is a Topaz?

Topaz comes in a variety of colours, from yellows, bright oranges, and pinks to ocean blues, earthy greens, and browns. It’s most commonly sought after in shades of yellow, which range from pale champagne to strong golds.

The Imperial topaz, with its deep reddish-orange colour, is one of the most prized variations. Additionally, blue topaz, often created through treatments, has gained popularity as an affordable and stunning alternative.

The blue topaz is the traditional gift for those celebrating a fourth anniversary.

What does a Topaz Symbolise?

Topaz holds diverse symbolic significance across cultures. It's been revered for ages, believed to bring good fortune, healing, and protection.

Ancient civilizations cherished it for its perceived ability to bring luck and prosperity. Some cultures saw it as a healer, attributing powers to cure and fortify.

Moreover, as a symbol of love and loyalty, topaz embodies enduring affection and safeguards against negative energies, earning its place as a cherished gemstone of multifaceted meaning.

The Origin of a Topaz

The name "topaz" is believed to have originated from the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning fire. Ancient Greeks associated topaz with their sun god, believing it could provide strength. The stone was also highly valued in ancient Egypt, where it was thought to protect against harm and injury.

Historically, topaz has been found in various regions worldwide, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Mexico.

The gemstone's allure has inspired myths and legends across cultures, adding to its mystique and desirability.

Get Your Topaz Jewellery Fix

We have a number of jewels in our studio that are set with varying shades of topaz. You can view them all at this link. If you’d like an extra special piece of topaz jewellery made just for you or your loved one, email

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