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Custom Signet Ring Engraving Font Ideas for Every Aesthetic

The font you choose for your signet ring will have a huge impact on the overall vibe of your ring. Beyond that, you’ll also need to choose between a hand-engraved or laser-engraved signet ring.

In this post, we’ll talk you through a few font styles for different aesthetics and we’ll give you some examples of fonts that you can take to your jewellery engraver.

Elegant Aesthetic: Script

Elegant Aesthetic - Script font engraving on a gold custom signet ring.

Script fonts are inspired by the fluid strokes that come from handwriting. Often used for traditional monograms, script typefaces give jewellery a romantic, feminine feel.

Recommended script fonts in their font names.

Recommended script fonts:

  • Edwardian Script
  • Shelley-Allegro
  • Snell Roundhand Script


Classic Aesthetic: Serif

Classic Aesthetic - Serif font engraving on a custom signet ring.

Serif refers to the little flicks attached to the larger strokes of each letter. A serif font engraving can make a signet ring appear classic and authoritative. It's also easy to read and a great option for those wanting to engrave numbers.

Recommended serif fonts:

  • Garamond
  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman

Modern Aesthetic: Sans Serif

Modern Aesthetic - Sans Serif font engraving on custom signet ring. Image Source

Sans serif means without serif. The letters appear minimal without the little flicks you see in serif fonts. Like the serif fonts, these are easy to read but provide a far more modern feel.

Recommended sans serif fonts in their font names.

Recommended sans serif fronts:

  • Arial
  • Century Gothic
  • Helvetica

Traditional Aesthetic: Gothic or Old English

Traditional Aesthetic - Gothic or Old English font engraving on a custom signet ring. Image Source

Gothic or Old English style fonts speak to the heritage and history of the signet ring. If you want a signet ring that feels masculine and old school, these fonts will work well for you.

Recommended gothic fonts in their font names.

Recommended Gothic or Old English Fonts:

  • Carol Gothic
  • Old English

Sentimental Aesthetic: Handwritten

Sentimental Aesthetic - Handwritten font engraving on a custom signet ring. Image Source

If you want your signet to be extremely personal, you can use a font that looks handwritten. Or, depending on your engraver, you can get someone you love to write the inscription for you and have that engraved. Handwritten fonts make a signet look dainty and loaded with love.

Recommended handwritten fonts in their font names.

Recommended handwritten fonts:
  • Angelina
  • Cinnamon Cake
  • Dawning of a New Day

Celebrate Your Heritage: Non-Latin Script

Non-Latin Script font engraving on a custom signet ring. Image Source

The script used in most of the English-speaking world is called Latin Script. If you come from a cultural background that uses a non-Latin alphabet, you may want to celebrate that with your signet ring. The result will be a ring that’s rich in cultural significance but also deeply personal and unique to the wearer.

For obvious reasons, we haven’t given font options for non-Latin alphabets. This is something you should discuss with your engraver.


As you can see, the font you choose for your signet sets the tone for the overall piece. When selecting your font, we always suggest you chat with your jeweller or the person who is doing the engraving. They might have a specific list of fonts they engrave or they’ll have some good advice to guide you towards the right font for your ring.

When it comes to personalising your signet ring, the sky is the limit. Read more about signet ring personalisation here or learn about the history of the signet here.

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