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October Birthstone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gem that embodies the natural beauty and diversity of the world.

Its name is derived from the Sinhalese word "tura mali," which means "stone with mixed colours." They named it this because tourmalines are renowned for their remarkable variety of colours.

Tourmaline gemstones, the October birthstone, in a variety of shapes and colours.

What Colour is a Tourmaline?

Tourmalines come in a range of beautiful colours. From deep greens and vibrant blues to passionate pinks and fiery reds, tourmaline offers a kaleidoscope of options.

This incredible array of colours is caused by the unique mineral composition and the presence of various trace elements.

In some cases, tourmalines can display multiple colours within a single gemstone, this is known as "bicolour" or "watermelon" tourmaline.

What does the Tourmaline Symbolise?

They are mostly considered a symbol of protection, with ancient civilizations believing that they could shield the wearer from negative energy and promote a sense of calm.

Some people also attribute healing properties to tourmalines, using them as a talisman for emotional balance and stress relief.

In metaphysical circles, tourmalines are believed to align with the chakras, enhancing spiritual and physical well-being.

A custom gold engagement ring with a tourmaline, October's birthstone, set between two diamonds on a gold band.

Where do Tourmaline Come From?

Tourmaline forms deep within the Earth's crust in pegmatite veins, pockets of molten rock that cool slowly, allowing the crystals to grow to impressive sizes.

Significant tourmaline deposits are found in various parts of the world, including Brazil, Afghanistan, and the United States. Brazil, in particular, is known for its stunning Paraíba tourmalines, prized for their intense blue-green hues.

We love working with pink and green tourmalines in our studio. If you’d like to wear or gift a tourmaline, our Creation Pendant is set with six perfect pink tourmalines. The special gem also features in our Green Happy Hoops, Sweet Thorn Studs and Rings, All Yours Heart Charms, and the Toi et Moi Ring.

Or, chat with the AR team to create a custom tourmaline piece.

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