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2024 Engagement Ring Trends

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can feel like a test: how well do you really know your partner? These ring styles are trending for a reason – and they make beautiful starting points if you’re looking to design a custom piece that walks the wild side while keeping it just classic enough.

Cluster: For love that’s written in the stars

An example of a cluster engagement ring. A custom gold engagement ring with a cluster of different gems.

Cluster rings have seen a surge in popularity, reflecting increased interest from couples seeking unique and detailed engagement rings. This style features multiple smaller diamonds or gemstones grouped together to create a stunning, eye-catching effect.

The intricate arrangement offers endless variations, allowing for personalised designs that cater to diverse tastes. We love how this cluster ring is richly symbolic and extremely unique.

Solitaire: For once in a lifetime love

An example of a Solitaire engagement ring. A custom gold engagement ring set with a single diamond.

Renowned for its timelessness and universal appeal, the solitaire is possibly the most popular engagement ring style. Featuring a single, stunning diamond or gemstone, this design showcases the stone's brilliance and clarity without any distractions.

Its simplicity and sophistication make it an elegant choice, effortlessly complementing any style or personal preference.

Trilogy Ring: For some, three diamonds are better than one

An example of a Trilogy Engagement Ring. A custom gold engagement ring set with 3 diamonds.

This is a deeply symbolic engagement ring that captures the essence of past, present, and future in its design. Featuring three stones, this ring represents the journey of a relationship, with each stone signifying a different phase.

The central stone, often slightly larger, symbolises the present moment, flanked by two side stones representing cherished memories and future dreams.

Halo Ring: For a heavenly glow

An example of a halo style engagement ring.

The Halo style epitomises glamour and sophistication while enhancing sparkle and visual appeal. This design significantly boosts the overall brilliance, featuring a central Diamond or Gemstone surrounded by a "halo" of smaller accent stones.

The halo setting amplifies the size and radiance of the centre stone while adding intricate detail and a hint of vintage charm with the smaller stones.

Toi et Moi Ring: For you and me

An example of a toi et moi engagement ring.

Toi et Moi meaning "You and Me" in French, beautifully symbolises the union of two souls. This design features two stones, often of complementary shapes and sizes, set side by side to represent the bond between partners.

This ring style has rich historical significance and has been favoured by lovers for centuries due to its intimate and personal sentiment. Toi et Moi engagement rings can be customised with colourful gemstones including birthstones.

A Ring To Tell Your Story

If 2024s engagement ring trends are anything to go by, we’re in for a very beautiful year. These sumptuous solitaires and courageous clusters have us itching to get into the workshop. Has one of these rings caught your eye? Get in touch and we’ll create a custom version just for you.

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