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Introducing Our New Beetle Safari Signet Ring

In the spirit of new beginnings, we are excited to introduce a brand new member of our Safari Signet Collection: The Beetle Signet, featuring the symbolic African Scarab Beetle as a potent emblem of regeneration and rebirth.

Discovering a special piece of jewellery, whether for yourself or a loved one, becomes a seamless task when the piece itself holds personal meaning.

Our animal jewellery mascots simplify the process by embodying unique significance. Each meticulously selected piece narrates a distinct story, acting as a symbol that mirrors one's individuality.

Gold Signet Ring with Beetle engraving and detailed band by Anna Rosholt.

The African Scarab Beetle Symbolises New Beginnings

Our beloved Anna Rosholt Mascot is the African Scarab Beetle. For us, it's a symbol of untamed elegance. The Scarab Beetle also symbolises regeneration, transformation, and protection, linking these to the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Ancient Egyptians were captivated by beetles and wore these mighty little creatures as amulets for protection and to honour the Scarab-headed sun god, Khepri.

In other cultures, they’re associated with the sun god Ra, which guides individuals through life's phases. These cultures would wear beetle jewellery to bring good luck and protection, warding off negative energies.

 Gold safari beetle signet ring on cloth by Anna Rosholt.

Complete the Beetle Jewellery Collection

For those who have already fallen in love with our Beetle Collection, the Beetle Safari Signet Ring is the perfect addition to your repertoire. Embrace the synergy of the full collection by curating a beetle look that resonates with your unique style.

Our most-loved beetle pieces are the Tiny Beetle Hoop Charm, the Tiny Beetle Eternity Ring, and the Tiny Beetle Fringe Necklace.

 Gold beetle inspired jewellery collection by Anna Rosholt.


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