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3 Custom Rings Featuring February’s Birthstone, the Amethyst

Wrapped in hues of purple and reminiscent of royalty and serenity, Amethyst is a captivating centerpiece for extraordinary jewellery pieces.

From a custom signet to a ring that celebrates motherhood, every custom Amethyst jewellery piece carries with it a unique story. This blog tells three of our favourites.

What Does Amathyst Symbolise?

As the birthstone for February, Amethyst holds a special place in the hearts of many, symbolising wisdom, peace, and inner strength. But beyond its enchanting appearance lies a deeper significance, the stories and memories intricately woven into each of these custom-designed pieces. Read more about Amethyst as February's birthstone.

Hand Engraved Amethyst Signet Ring

Hand engraved, custom gold signet ring with Amethyst set in the band.

In a deeply heartfelt gesture of love and appreciation, this client decided to mark the birth of his child with a special push present to his wife—an exquisite 9ct Gold signet ring adorned with two captivating family Amethyst gemstones. This thoughtful gift symbolises the bond and shared joy of their growing family.

The hand-engraved "B," is the first initial of their family surname, and added a personalised touch to the ring's design. Hand engraving, with its ability to show intricate and elaborate designs, serves as a testament to the engraver's craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each stroke of the engraver's tool controls the depth and texture of the pattern, resulting in a tactile and visually stunning piece of jewellery.

Laser and hand engraving each offer unique strengths, making them both amazing options for adding personalized touches to jewellery.

Custom Amethyst cocktail ring

Custom coktail ring with Amethyst, peridot, blue topaz and dimaonds.

This stunning cocktail ring was crafted using a selection of the client's own Amethysts as well as her dream statement ring vision.

Anna sat with the client's amethysts and played around with different colour and size gemstones to determine the perfect curation that would complement the strong purple hue of the clients Amethysts, while still keeping them as the center focus.

After careful consideration, Anna added in a selection of peridot, blue topaz, and diamonds to the design, enhancing the beauty of the amethysts. The gemstones are beautifully set in 9ct yellow gold, fulfilling the clients lifelong desire for a truly exquisite statement piece.

Signet Ring Celebrating Motherhood

Anna's custom signet ring for her first child, Archie. A heart-shaped custom gold signet ring with Amethyst and white diamonds.

Anna's signet ring holds profound significance as a symbol of the moment of becoming a mother, particularly for her first child, Archie.

Inspired by her own mother's cherished rings commemorating the births of her children, Anna wanted to create an heirloom for Archie to cherish as he grows up. The heart shaped Signet Ring, represents the immense love she has for her son, a sentiment that resonates deeply as she sees him as a piece of her heart living outside her body. The inclusion of small white diamonds and a regal amethyst, Archie's birthstone, offers a tangible reminder of the beautiful event.

How We Create Custom Jewellery That Tells Your Story

We believe that jewellery is not just about the pieces themselves, but about the stories they tell and the connections they create. From the moment a customer reaches out to us, we embark on a personalised journey to create something truly special.

Our custom design process begins with getting to know our clients and their unique personalities, ensuring that every piece reflects their individual style. We guide them through each step, from providing design inspiration to sourcing the perfect stones.

For designs that require it, we use CAD technology to create 3D images, allowing our clients to visualize the finished piece. Once the design is finalized, we meticulously cast the piece with care and attention to detail, handing it over to the customer with heartfelt wishes that it will become a cherished family heirloom, worn and loved for generations to come.

Ready to Set Your Story in Stones?

If you or a loved one were born in February, this is your sign to mark the occasion with a custom jewellery piece. To create your dream jewel, please get in touch with our customs team. We would love to help you create a meaningful modern heirloom.

Or, if you like the idea of wearing your birthstone but your birthstone isn’t an amethyst, read our birthstone guide.

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