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July Birthstone: Ruby

For those fortunate enough to be born in July, the radiant ruby takes centre stage as the birthstone of the month. Rubies are also traditionally gifted for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

This exquisite gemstone, with its intense red hue and rich history, has captivated hearts for centuries and is one of the most cherished gemstones in the world. It carries a rich tapestry of legends, symbolism, and cultural significance.

July's birthstone, the ruby, set in a gold ring and a gold necklace pendant.

What Colour is a Ruby?

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red”. The vibrant red colour of rubies is what sets them apart from other gemstones.

Their deep crimson shade, ranging from pinkish-red to dark red, is due to the presence of chromium in their composition.

Rubies are classified as corundum gemstones, sharing the same mineral family as sapphires. They are known for their exceptional hardness, second only to diamonds, making them a durable gemstone for jewellery.

What does the Ruby symbolise?

Rubies have long been associated with powerful symbolism and rich meanings. As a gemstone of intense red colour, rubies symbolize passion, love, and desire.

They embody fiery energy and evoke a sense of strength and vitality. In ancient cultures, rubies were believed to bring good fortune, ward off evil spirits, and protect against harm.

The Ruby was seen as a symbol of courage, influencing the wearer to face challenges with confidence and determination.

Rubies are also seen as symbols of deep and lasting love, representing the flame of passion and the commitment between partners. They are often considered a gemstone of romance and devotion, making them popular choices for engagement rings and anniversary gifts.

Did you know, the Ruby is the traditional gemstone associated with the 40th wedding anniversary, symbolizing the enduring love and passion shared between a couple after four decades of marriage?

Where do Rubies come from?

Known as "ratnaraj" or the "king of gemstones" in Sanskrit, the ruby's allure has been cherished in various cultures. The most prized rubies are typically found in Myanmar (formerly Burma), where they were mined for over a thousand years.

Rubies were also treasured in ancient Rome, where they symbolized passion and prosperity. Today, rubies are also sourced from countries like Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Tanzania, among others.

The ruby is one of our most adored gemstones in the AR studio. If you'd like to wear this special gem, our Creation Pendant is set with six radiant rubies. Or, chat with the AR team to create a custom ruby piece.

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